1200 Craftmaster Window System

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1200 Craftmaster Window System

The 1200 Craftmaster Window System is a product designed with new home construction and renovation markets in mind. It is engineered to achieve excellent thermal and operational performance while maintaining the highest level of efficient use of materials and hardware.

Key Features:

  • Frame Depth: 4-1/4” frame depth with wood return channel design, intended for new construction application and replacement projects.
  • Common Sash Components: Shares common sash components with the Skyreach Classic 1000 Series window system.
  • Multi-point Sash Locks and Snubbers: These provide extra security, a tighter seal, and greater comfort.
  • Glazing: Designed to accommodate a 7/8” IG unit.
  • Profile Design: Multi-chambered profile design for better R-value.
  • Seals: Full perimeter triple weather seals for air tightness and reduction of dust infiltration.
  • Material: Made with 100% Virgin PVC powder compound.

The system is available in various models including Casement, Awning, Picture Frame/Fixed window, Single Hung, Single Slider, Single Lift-out Slider, Tilt Feature, Bay window, Bow window and Special-shape window. It is available in “solid” CREAM WHITE and exterior capstocked CASHMERE, SANDALWOOD and SANDSTONE attractive color selections.

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Glass Type: Triple Glazing

Price: $$

Rebate: yes