J88 Aluminum-Clad Wood Series Product

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J88 Aluminum-Clad Wood Series Product

Introducing the J88 Aluminum-Clad Wood Series Product. This product is made of aluminum and wood, making it suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

Product Features

  • Aluminum Material: The product uses 6063-T5 ultra-high precision aluminum material.
  • Surface Treatment: The product features powder coating on both the interior and exterior.
  • Powder Coating Brand: The product uses powder coating from brands like Tiger/AkzoNobel.
  • Water-based Paint: The product uses water-based paint from the German brand Remmers.
  • Main Load-bearing Aluminum Material Wall Thickness: The wall thickness of the main load-bearing aluminum material is 1.8mm.
  • Wood: The product uses imported North American oak.



Glass Type: Normal

Price: $$$

Rebate: None