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Bay windows are much desired by homeowners because of the way they project outwards, extending a home and creating more living space. From the interior they can become a graceful, sunlit place in the home and provide a panoramic view. From the exterior, they offer a welcoming, decorative and architectural touch. Bay windows are versatile, they can be the primary front living room window, can be used as a side or rear window or can be used anywhere there is sufficient exterior projection space in the home. The beauty of Bay windows can be greatly enhanced by our grille options and our accessory items. The durability and energy efficient features found in all Window City windows apply to our Bay windows


Bow windows are welcomed by homeowners and frequently called for by architects because of their grand, sweeping curves which can turn a standard window opening into an appealing architectural enhancement. Bow windows are projection windows that have the benefit of adding space to a home. They do not project outward as far as Bay windows and have more glass panels and softer, more rounded angles.