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Single slider tilt windows have always been popular in window styles because while it simplistic in design, the window type easily adds to the curb appeal and resale value of your home. Single sliding windows are one of the more cost effective window types and are easy to open and close. A latch system is used to close and lock the window so it cannot be opened from the outside. The latch locking system also helps seal the window so your home is better protected from undesirable weather elements. Once closed the secure seal prevents drafts and moisture from entering your home so you can better control your room temperature. When open, single slider tilt windows offer ample ventilation while letting plenty of natural light in your home.

Single sliding windows are ideal in smaller rooms with minimal space. They work well in bathrooms and bedrooms. Single slider tilt windows are also commonly used in basement or lower level rooms because they are a better fit for the smaller areas. The sliding feature of the single sash also makes it easier to open the windows in lower or smaller areas.


Double sliding windows frames are made with PVC vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. The interlocking, multi-chamber design of the frame not only gives it extra strength and durability, but also provides a more superior sealing system so your home is better protected from air leaks and unwanted condensation. The frames can be manufactured or painted in a variety of colours to perfectly match your home’s exterior.

Double sliders have a locking latch system that makes it easy to open and close the panes securely. Once locked, the double slider window cannot be opened from the outside so your home is fully protected. An optional ventilation latch can also be installed at the top so you can control how far the window slides open. This added safety feature ensures that your window is restricted from opening further so intruders cannot move the sash further or fit into the narrow opening to access your home.