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Single-Hung Window

A single-hung window has a single movable sash that slides up from the bottom, while the top sash stays stationary. When open, the two sashes overlap, requiring no additional space to ventilate. This maximizes space around the window, making it a popular choice in bedrooms and by high-traffic areas, such as a patio. Because the top sash does not operate, single-hung windows are also ideal in spaces where the upper sash is out of reach.

Offering timeless style, these windows bring in natural light and fresh air. Given that the top sash is fixed, single-hung windows are very energy efficient and easy to operate. Discover more inspiration and information below.

Double-Hung Window

A double-hung window can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top with two sashes that move independently. The two sashes are stacked and meet in the middle with a latch that locks the window shut. Double-hung windows are simple to clean as both sashes tilt inward for easy access to the interior and exterior glass surfaces. Because double-hung windows ventilate without protruding inwards or outwards, they maximize both interior and exterior space, making them popular choices in entertainment spaces like patios and porches.

Double-hung windows are common choices in traditional and farmhouse homes. Adding a simple grille pattern furthers the traditional aesthetic, bringing modest detail and charm. Explore double-hung window inspiration, advice, frequently asked questions and more below.

Also known as: sash windows, double sash windows and double windows